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Homemade Fermenting Fun

Urban Homesteaders KimchiNot only is kimchi so tasty, it’s good for you! Kimchi is a yummy Korean fermented salad usually made with cabbage and various spices, similar to sauerkraut. I love it when it’s really garlic-y! Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about probiotics and fermented foods as essentials to digestive health, so take a clue and get yourself some! Check out this homemade batch by the Urban Homesteaders made with homegrown carrots, daikon radish, green onions and cabbage.

If you’re in the Bay Area, Santa Cruz-based Happy Girl Kitchen is doing Fermenting and canning workshops which you can attend for a small fee. The day is complete with local organic lunch! Fermenting and canning your own food is a great way to use up the excess harvest from the garden and is good for the planet since there are no food miles from your plate to your backyard.


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It’s Not the Beta-Carotene, it’s the Carrot

Good Food DiagramSome familiar themes about how Americans eat and its links to disease were put together nicely in a 20-minute talk by Mark Bittman of the New York Times, “What’s Wrong with what we eat.” In one mentioning the importance of a whole-plant-based diet (it’s not the beta-carotene, its the carrot), Bittman touches on the meat and agribusiness industry, disease, junkfood marketing, and the “organivore” and “locavore” responses to the industrial food industry all while noting the importance of our food choices on climate change.

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Measure Your Carbon Footprint

Consumer Consequences GameHere are links to two different websites where you can measure how your lifestyle impacts the planet. I’m not sure how accurate these are and I haven’t done any research about the companies sponsoring the tools, but they provide a nice interactive way to check out how “green” you actually are.

Consumer Consequences at American Public Media
Ecological Footprint Quiz by Redefining Progress

And if you haven’t seen it, make sure to check out the online movie, The Story of Stuff.

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Get Out of Your Seat

Earth Western HemisphereHow to Be a Climate Hero
Something truly horrible is happening to the planet’s climate

by Audrey Schulman
Published in the May/June 2008 issue of Orion magazine

I insulate my house fanatically. I don’t own a car. Every year I do a little more: composting kitchen waste, shopping at farmers’ markets, recycling, buying only secondhand. Using carbon calculators, I’ve figured that I’ve lowered my family’s emissions 50 percent in seven years. That’s a big step. Because of my actions, my fear for my children’s future is not incapacitating. I’m striding down the aisle trying to help. Not only have I improved my emotional state, I’ve broken group cohesion and started to pull others from their seats. I’ve gotten friends and relatives to insulate more and drive less, to admit the problem and start thinking about the solution.


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Record Crop Acreage Affects the Gulf Coast Dead Zone

Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone in 1999Food prices are going to continue to rise this summer and so are the number of acres planted, according to an article published by Sustainable Food News yesterday. What’s new this year? More soy and less corn. What’s not new? The use of tons and tons of harmful chemical pesticides.

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Turning Cow Poo into Electricity in California

CowThe Inhabitat blog yesterday published some seriously cute cow pictures and an interesting article about how PG&E is turning the huge excesses of cow manure into electricity in California. Methane gas is a more harmful greenhouse gas than CO2 and tons of it are emitted into the atmosphere from the factory farms producing our meat and dairy products. It’s been argued that the industrial meat and dairy industry is a bigger cause of global warming than our car obsession (according to the United Nations).

At the moment, this rather huge installation is able to power approximately 1,200 house per day. Not a large number, but then, you if you consider that there are 2,000,000 cows in California alone, you can certainly start smelling the possibilities.

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Organic Farming: Part of the Global Warming Solution

Organic VegetablesI heard recently that if all farming was done using organic methods, enough carbon (and nitrogren) would be held within the soil to reduce the greenhouse gasses to pre-industrial levels. This is because soil that is farmed organically retains more nutrients of all kinds. When farming conventionally, with spray pesticides and fertilizers, the nutrients that plants need are sprayed on. In organic, the nutrients have to come from the soil itself, necessitating healthier soil. Dirt First.

That’s why it was so great to see this article come across my inbox this morning by Kathleen O’Hara, “Farming carbon as a cash crop.” Check it out.

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