DIY Kraut

April 15, 2008 at 12:14 pm 2 comments

I’ve never liked sauerkraut. Well, I didn’t like it until I tried this homemade variety made by my friend Michael and his housemates. We were meeting for some all-you-can-eat pizza at a local place and they brought a jar of the stuff. Sauerkraut? On pizza? But I tried it because my slice of cheese could use a little sprucing up. Wow. It was delicious! I was around to watch them start the next batch. Here’s how they did it…

First, about six heads of cabbage were shredded in a food processor, mostly purple but one or two green. Garlic cloves went into the food processor too, probably an entire head of garlic, maybe more depending on your taste. All the cabbage and garlic was transfered into a bucket where it was doused with salt.

Next, to transform the cabbage mixture to sauerkraut, it needs to be pressurized and left to ferment for about a week. To accomplish this, Michael and his housemates pressed a plate down until the cabbage was packed firmly on top of the cabbage mixture and filled several ball jars with water to sit on top of the plate and hold it in place, encouraging juice to seep from the mixture. Finally a lid was sealed on top of the bucket and it was moved to a cool place to sit.

After about a week, they will put the mixture into clean glass jars and seal them. The kraut sits on your refrigerator shelf for a long time since it’s fermented, so no need to stress too much about expiration. Using this DIY method of making kraut requires some flexibility with ingredients. No measurements were taken. It makes it fun to try each batch and see how it is different from the previous. Were more purple heads of cabbage used this time, more garlic? How did the amount of salt used affect the outcome? Any way the ingredients are put together, what you get in the end is delightful and good as a topping on almost anything, not to mention healthy for all sorts of body functions especially for digestion as it contains a healthy amount of probiotics.


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